Trippz is a lyricist, singer/songwriter, and beat boxer from Edmonton, AB.
Trippz was born on Oct 2 1990 and from that day he was infatuated with music. Visual and performing arts has always accompanied his persona. Always very excited to relate with others, but always generally socially detached. At the cusp of his adolescence, Trippz’s life became a continuous never-ending quest to master his ability to express himself creatively.

All that creativity eventually led Trippz to create his first solo project “Words” which sold over 1000 hardcopy units locally. After teaming up with Kryple and NineLivez in 2011 to form the final Doom Squad roster, Trippz has since been a part of 4 successful projects to date.

Currently, Trippz is completing hiscollaborative album with Sonik entitled “CD’s On Tape (On CD)”, which is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2015, and has already started working on another solo album. The title and release date are yet to be released.

While taking his soulful voice, and hard hitting bars across the country, also maintaining the flow anytime he is at home base, it’s safe to say nothing but unprecedented success lies ahead of Trippz.

You can see Trippz perform live this spring with Doom Squad on their “D$4L Tour”